Business VISA

Business Visit Visa

The Business Visit Visa is suitable for people looking to enter the UK for business purposes. Business purposes can be defined as the following:

  • Attending a meeting or conference in the UK
  • Signing contracts in the UK
  • Conducting a site visit in the UK
  • Delivering goods in the UK
  • Working in the tourism industry as a translator or tour operator in the UK
  • Those who work in IT or company infrastructure in the UK
  • An academic visitor to the UK
  • Film crews or religious groups

Our service recognises that every case has its own merits and an Exponet Expert will assess all of the relevant information surrounding your Business Visit Visa. It’s very important that an expert covers every detail of your case because only then can they fully inform you of the best way to move your case forward.

An Exponet Expert will ensure that your paperwork is accurate and in order, as this will provide a solid backbone to your case. A well-presented set of documents will strengthen and validate your Business Visit Visa application even further.

Once our Expert has compiled all the necessary documentation on your behalf, they will then apply up-to-date legal representation, utilising the latest Immigration rules to support your Business Visit Visa application. Legal representations could prove to be the decisive factor in acquiring your Business Visit Visa and our Experts will apply their expertise to your matter to ensure that your case is well presented before the Home Office.


The importance of well-presented documents and supporting Legal Representations is crucial as the decision of the Home Office is based purely on the case file put before them. In most instances they don’t get to meet you in person, so every piece of information supplied by our Expert on your behalf, needs to be factual and relevant to your case. They are then able to add strength and validity to your case by applying their knowledge of Immigration Law.

You will also be given unrestricted access to a unique online Case Management System, allowing you to send documents safely and securely as well as giving you the opportunity to raise any questions or concerns you may have.
The service doesn’t end here. Once your Business Visit Visa application has been submitted, your Immigration Expert will closely monitor its progress. Until a decision has been reached, your Immigration Expert will continue to track your case and will notify you of the outcome immediately. Our service guarantees that you will be kept up-to-date with your Business Visit Visa application.